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Add Neighborhood Places to your Relola map!

Add Neighborhood Places to your Relola map!

relola-map-neighborhoodplace.pngRelola users all over the country have dropped pins on the listings they’ve toured. It’s a fantastic way to create an instant snapshot of local expertise. And buyers and sellers want that more than anything.

But there’s something missing!

Map your neighborhood places with Relola

The same tool you use for listings is now available for everything else! And when we say everything, we mean it. All the local features you love about your area, such as:

  • Best brunch spots
  • Convenient parking decks
  • Shady walking trails
  • Funky coffee shops
  • Brand new preschools

You get the idea! These are the places that make your real estate market more than a zip code. It’s a community. Watch this short video to see how to add a Neighborhood Place in your Relola app:

Map your love for your local community now!