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San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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Want More Business in 2017? Leverage is Your Solution

Want More Business in 2017? Leverage is Your Solution



Over the last several weeks I’ve had conversations with dozens of agents who are serious about increasing their businesses in 2017. More units, more volume, more income. It’s wonderful to hear this, of course, because a healthy business is one that continues to grow. My question to each, however, is the same: HOW do you intend to do this?


Responses typically include more prospecting, more appointments, more follow up, as well as more networking, more sphere touching, more social media interaction. All of this necessary, and wise. The issue becomes time. If you’re an agent who’s currently struggling to get everything done each week, how will you make it all work if your plan is to increase your business?


The solution is leverage. Loosely defined, to leverage means to use something to maximize advantage. While some will say that the only thing you can leverage is time and money, I’m here to suggest that you can also leverage your knowledge, your results, and your relationships in order to move the dial. Why should you do this? Because there will come a point in time - maybe that time is now - when you’ll find that it’s impossible to do everything at a consistent and high quality level. When balls start dropping and expectations aren’t being met, not only will your business will suffer, but so will your life. We work to fund our perfect life, not create it. Did you get into business to work around the clock and be a slave to your workload?


If the answer is no - and I certainly hope it is - here are a few things to consider:

  • Top producers don’t spend their time on $10-$20 per hour activities. Their focus is on prospecting, appointments, and negotiation. Leveraging admin support - for transaction coordination, marketing assistance, etc. is key. If you think you’re the only person who can do the work “right” - get over it! There’s talent out there and the right people will free you up to do the important stuff. Rather than considering this an expense, ask yourself this: Am I willing to invest $150 to get back 10 hours of my week that I could use to target more prospects, generate more listings and consult with more buyers?
  • If you focus on building a portfolio of well prepared, well presented, well priced listings you can then leverage them to promote who you are, how you work, and what you deliver. You’ll have impactful things to show and tell - via social media, direct mail, and during those face to face meetings with prospects. And guess what - the more homes you list, well, the more homes you’ll continue to list!  Do I accept that my growth and success as an agent is tied to my ability to successfully list and sell great homes each and every month?
  • Your ever-increasing listing inventory will attract more buyers, so now’s the time to leverage a showing assistant or a buyer’s agent. Find the rookie who wants to earn while they learn. Align with an agent who loves people and showing homes. You’ve generated the lead so you retain a significant part of the commission. You’ve also retained time that will be used for more prospecting and lead generating! Do I acknowledge that showing buyers homes takes up a significant amount of time that I might instead spend on activities that will give me more freedom and more income?
  • Did you sell a listing in record time? Find buyers their dream home - and it wasn’t even listed? These stories must be told. Smart agents collect video and written testimonials from happy clients and then leverage them to share their value and results. These get shared on social channels, websites, and email touches. Do I commit to securing a video or written testimonial at the conclusion of each sale, knowing that the best way for me to be promoted is to allow others to do it for me?
  • Savvy agents are leveraging Relola to demonstrate their Local Market Expertise. How many homes will you show, tour, or preview this month? The knowledge you glean is valuable, and up until now the consumer has had almost zero access to it. Turn your previews into profits by publishing your insights around the local inventory you visit, then share them to your social media channels. More dynamic content that will inform and engage, more opportunity to connect with your next client. Get started for free, today! Do I understand that relevance in my profession is critical, social media matters, and an industry - changing platform like Relola honors the way consumers want to be informed and how buyers and sellers want to do business?

What are you willing to leverage in order to make way for exponential growth? What challenges have you met with? We‘d love to hear from you and provide support!


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Beth Incorvati is our Chief Blogger and Podcast Host at Radio Relola. She has been training, motivating, and inspiring real estate professionals for over fifteen years.