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Relola launches to boost data available to researchers by empowering the public to self report.

San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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Want to be Hired on the Spot? Take this Approach at Your Next Listing Appointment.

Want to be Hired on the Spot? Take this Approach at Your Next Listing Appointment.


Every agent who intends to be successful must develop and deliver information to prospects in a consistent and compelling way. The most important example of this is certainly your listing presentation. Are you focusing on what the client cares about, or wasting time on the stuff that doesn’t matter to them? An effective listing presentation should reveal what you will do to get their home sold and why you’re the best person for the job. Period. An easy way to perfect your message is to incorporate the“4P approach" for each appointment and presentation.


Using this strategy you will reveal how together you will best:

  • Thoroughly PREPARE the home FOR the market - The expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” certainly holds true here. It’s important to establish action items and timelines for maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and decluttering and to explain to the homeowner that the attention paid to these tasks - upfront - will optimize their market value and desirability.

  • Professionally and proactively PRESENT the home TO the market -The truth is, listing appointments are really marketing presentations. It’s imperative that you share a system that includes what’s new and effective - like targeted Facebook ads - as well as the tried and true - like professional photography and video tours. What can you offer that other agents don’t? Tip: Show proof of what you do, and any feature you offer should be coupled with benefits. Don’t expect the homeowner to understand why something is important - explain it!

  • Strategically PRICE the home AT the Market - First, a quick script: “John, Mary, may I share with you what the market is telling us about the value of your home today?” Notice it’s not you determining the value of their home - it's the market! If the goal is to attract early interest and offers (and it should be) then it’s critical that your discussion of pricing extend beyond the comps. How long do THEY think it will take their home to sell? How much competition will they have? How many months of inventory exist? Are rates on the rise? Do they want to sell, or “list and linger”? You know this stuff. They don’t. They should. If you present as the authority and Local Market Expert they will have confidence in what you tell them and will price accordingly. If they won’t, you get to choose whether to get into relationship with them. Without proper pricing, all efforts fail and agents waste their valuable resources.


You’ll close them by sharing your:

  • Performance that EXCEEDS the market - What does a seller want? They want a reputable agent who will sell their home for the most money in the shortest amount of time. They will hire you if you can demonstrate your ability to do this. How? Study the data. If the average agent in your market sells a home in 48 days and your average is 24, you sell homes twice as fast! If final sold prices in your market average 95.2% of the original list price, but yours come in at 97.3%, sellers who list with you stand to net over 2% more! Finally, how many homes did the average agent in your MLS sell in 2016? Two? How many did you sell? Twenty? “John and Mary, as we’ve discussed, preparation, presentation, and pricing are the keys to a successful and timely sale. What I also want to share with you is this: not only do I sell ten times as many homes as the average agent in my market, I sell them twice as fast and for more money. Let me show you what I mean.” This is when you should share all the relevant market data and show your personal results as a comparison.

Congratulations - you’re hired!



  • Use a pre-listing packet delivered in advance of the appointment to share information about you (bio and testimonials) and your broker (market share and support). Make your face to face time about them and their home.

  • Don’t go in cold - spend a few minutes speaking before the appointment to discover their “why”, their timeframes, their expectations. When you do meet face to face, continue to ask questions as you tour.

  • Be creative and do what others aren’t doing! Yes - this means you‘ll need to learn more about the other agents in your market. Every business knows their competition.

  • What you promise to provide should be incorporated into checklists that will insure all expectations are being met.

  • The compensation discussion should occur after you discuss preparation, presentation, pricing, and performance.

  • Once they are signed and active, publish your insights to Relola and populate your market map!


There you have it - commit to memory the “4Ps” - preparation for the market, presentation to the market, pricing at the market, performance that exceeds the market - and you’ll have a flow and consistency that have you delivering a strong and compelling message.