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24 Hours in the Capitol. Introducing New Tech to Help Candidates Get Elected.

Last week, as Sacramento’s population topped 500,000 and the city was acknowledged as the fastest growing in California, the energy wasn’t hard to find: our Uber driver was quick to point ou...
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Help for Houston agents after Hurricane Harvey

Help for Houston agents after Hurricane Harvey

relola_helping_agents_hurricane-harvey.pngFrom all over the Houston area come stories of real heroism. Neighbors rescuing neighbors. Strangers saving strangers. Everyday people volunteering and setting up make-shift shelters to help their fellow residents.

It’s inspiring to see such a coming together in the face of such utter disaster.

It’s also a hard truth that the real estate market will take an enormous hit. Real estate agents have to ride the waves of the marketplace when the weather is perfect. Thanks to the storm, that market is now literally under water.

At Relola, we are donating funds personally and professionally. You can learn more about other actions within the real estate community here. But we’re also ensuring any Houston area real estate agent has a free Superstar account for life.

"Our hearts are heavy for Houston right now," said Relola CEO Heather Jackson. "We know that Houston agents have a tough road ahead to rebuild their community. So, a free Relola account for life is a small gesture to help them get back on their feet when they are ready and when their local expertise will be more valuable than ever." 

Rebuilding is going to be rough. And we hope to be by their side when they're ready to do it.

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