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Relola launches to boost data available to researchers by empowering the public to self report.

San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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How to use Facebook dynamic ads for real estate

How to use Facebook dynamic ads for real estate

facebook_dynamic_ads_real_estate_relola_blog.pngReal estate agents are already savvy users of Facebook. It’s the ultimate platform for real engagement with your sphere of influence, and a power-channel for sharing that great hyper-local content your buyers and sellers want to see from you.

Not to mention the power of the Facebook pixel -- allowing agents to stay in front of anyone who has visited their site.

Facebook has been paying close attention.

The new Facebook Dynamic Ads for Real Estate allow real estate brokers and agents to advertise directly to Facebook and Instagram users who have already searched for properties on that brokerage’s website.

These ads connect Facebook’s ad platform with your brokerage’s search data. That means Facebook can look at a visitor’s preferences, then automatically shows that person comparable listings from the brokerage’s inventory. The ads are shown on both Facebook and Instagram.

More than retargeting prospects who looked a particular listing on your site, brokerages can use Facebook’s tracking tools to factor in details, like neighborhood or price range they set, to promote similar listings. It’s more of an if-this-then-that algorithm.

Sound familiar? It should.

Tech and ad companies all over are waking up to real estate’s potential. Researcher Borrell Associates says the U.S. real estate industry spent $26.8 billion on advertising, making it one of the largest local verticals.

But you knew all that, didn’t you? In fact, you might already be sharing listings on Facebook through your own ads or through Insights published with Relola. So aren’t all these doing the same thing?


Here’s the difference between these three tactics on Facebook:

Relola listing Insights promote your local expertise and create hyper-local content.

Listing ads on Facebook promote that listing to an audience you define.

Dynamic ads for real estate look at user behavior on your site, and serve targeted content.

What you might not know is how dynamic facebook ads for real estate actually work. So let’s take a look. (And watch out for all the tech-speak. This is really sophisticated stuff, aimed at brokerages with a digital expert on staff. We’ll do a high level overview for you here, but the real how-to can be found on Facebook.)

1. Create your listing catalog

It all starts with your inventory. Your catalog includes the data such as the listing id, address, how many of bedrooms, how many bathrooms, and current availability.

2. Design your audience

Simple question: who should see the ads? Again, digital advertising has totally changed the game because it’s incredibly user driven. And you want to capture where the user has been on your site to determine what listings they see on Facebook dynamic real estate ads. And Facebook calls these “user signals,” as in, the user is signaling what she is interested in through the content she engages with.

Pixel Event

App Event

Requirement Level




Someone searched home listings



Someone viewed of a specific listing


fb_mobile_initiated_ checkout

Someone saved, liked or showed special interest in a listing



Someone contacted an agent about a listing

3. Create your dynamic ads

You may already be well versed in creating Facebook ads. Creating a Dynamic Ad Template Creative is similar to creating other ad creatives. The difference is that you can add template parameters that properly render at runtime based on data in your Product Feed. So your source material really matters -- no fuzzy photos or unflattering images should be pulled in.

Everyday is a new day in the world of real estate marketing tech. Between Zillow, Trulia and Facebook, agents today have their options wide open for marketing their listings! Of course, when it comes to marketing their own local expertise, we’re happy to say Relola stands alone!