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Relola launches to boost data available to researchers by empowering the public to self report.

San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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Meet the Relola users who won Apple watches: Adam Kappel

Meet the Relola users who won Apple watches: Adam Kappel

Apple watch winner Adam Kappel Relola local insights

Like our CEO, Adam Kappel got into real estate as a teenager. In his case, his parents were investors and he got to tag along. From there, he became licensed and starting in residential himself. He also owns an investment company and flips houses with his father and brothers.

Adam’s market is Decatur, Georgia. It’s inside the perimeter, but considered a suburb of Atlanta. He focuses on single family homes and works with many first time buyers.

Local marketing has always been important for Adam’s business, and his digital footprint reflects that. He uses social media and works with Zillow, Trulia and for advertising in his area.

But lately, Adam and his team started building a local presence at the area’s many festivals.

“There are so many festivals in the springtime, nearly one every weekend,” he said. “We get involved there, getting our tent out and materials and connecting with the neighbors.”

Adam learned about the Relola app from his broker at Redefy. Both recognized the concept and appreciated the value of sharing insights on properties, as they’d both been with a brokerage that did the same thing. “It was second nature to do that after showing a house. But what I like about Relola is it takes it a step further -- giving insights on local businesses and features that matter in my area.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 5.00.36 PM.png

Interestingly, Adam used to train agents to write better insights about properties. So how does he recommend you write a good insight with Relola?

“Be specific,” Adam suggests. “Focus on the information that you can’t directly get from the photos. It’s easy to write a bland insight that says this is a new kitchen and new bathroom.”

For properties that don’t earn all rave reviews, Adam recommends the 'compliment sandwich model,’ as he calls it. “Give the good feedback, then the bad feedback, and finish with good feedback.”

Adam won second place in the December contest to publish the most insights. And one unexpected effect was learning that he ate out a lot -- but also discovering new places to go.

“There were some places I would never have discovered,” he shared. “They were hidden or off the beaten path, and I found them as I was looking for places to write about on Relola!”

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