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San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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How Nate Pena caters to a local real estate market

How Nate Pena caters to a local real estate market

Relola blog Nate Pena Fort Wayne, IndianaFor over a decade, Nate Pena managed a catering company, helping guests enjoy wonderful culinary experiences. When the company moved on, so did he. And buying a house proved to be the career inspiration he needed.

I found an agent that really made the industry seem exciting and fun,” he said.

Often the first challenge for a new Realtor is deciding which brokerage to join. Nate knew what he liked instantly at Anthony Realtors in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“I like that my brokerage is small. My broker David Brough is self-made. A larger brokerage seemed like it would be hands off, and I knew I wanted more guidance. That’s what my managing broker does for me.”

What really struck Nate about Dave was his consistent and contagious upbeat energy. “He’s super positive, sometimes annoyingly so,” laughed Nate. “He has a lot of faith in me and everyone on his team. He’s in it for the team.”

It was Dave that introduced Nate to the Relola app. As a new agent, Nate didn’t have enough clients to keep him busy just yet. So Dave told him to go and look at listings, and then write about them with Relola.

When Relola first launched, agents could write about listings only. And that sometimes gave users pause -- should they write about someone else’s listings?

“I had no hesitation,” Nate said. “Dave said to do it, and I trust him. He wants to do it more! Because no one in our market is doing this. It’s something to help me stand out.

As he used Relola to write Insights about properties, Nate realized he was learning just as much as he was sharing.

“I go to new builds to stay up on trends and keep up with the new styles of construction out there.”

Nate hadn’t realized that the Relola app also allows Realtors to share Insights on local features. But he jumped on it right away. And as a former catering manager, he immediately new his local Insights would be culinary-related to start.

“I’ve eaten at all the best restaurants in Fort Wayne. So it’s something I already have a passion for!”

Content is one of the ways that Nate is building his brand as a Realtor and a trusted advisor in his market.

“I want to be seen as a knowledgeable agent and a resource for all my clients. My goal is to be a resource. Dave suggested that I go look at these new houses, to be more equipped to handle questions about them. I’ll know more about newer builds than most other agents.”

Nate has watched the Fort Wayne area gradually grow from a bedroom community to a sought after relocation area with a low cost of living. “Festivals are coming,” Nate said, describing the expanding culture opportunities. “Every summer there is a festival in our downtown park, nearly every weekend.”

Employers such as Vera Bradley and GM bring new residents. And Nate has found a pipeline of clients through the UAW message board. It’s for these folks especially that Nate is building up his map of local expertise.

“Relola is a great resource to organize your thoughts about the local community and share them. It gives you a platform to put your voice out there, rather than writing about your own listings.”

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