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New Agent Checklist: 5 Ways To Build Expertise For Lead Gen

New Agent Checklist: 5 Ways To Build Expertise For Lead Gen


Last week, we shared blog ideas for new real estate agents. This week, we invited Todd Sumney from HomeSmart to share a checklist new agents can use to get their business running.

As a new real estate agent, it’s important to continuously gain knowledge and use your expertise about your local territory to create a platform for generating real estate leads.

Whether you’re meeting with homebuyers in-person or managing your branded social media accounts, the key outcome of your engagement with the world as a new agent is to create and build awareness of your brand and expert knowledge- most importantly with a focus on local homebuyers and sellers. Marketing your brand as an agent is part of how you not only find and maintain clients, but how you present yourself as a professional in your market.

So, how does a new agent start generating real estate leads through their expertise? Better yet, how do you gain this knowledge to become an expert in your local area?

1. Use The Training Offered By Your Broker

Most brokerages schedule and host training sessions or continuing education courses for their agents. For the brokerage to continue to be successful, their agents must be successful first. When brokerages hold their agents in high regard, focus is put on leveraging industry professionals in the local area that are overtly lucrative with their marketing tactics.

Brokers know that most of the agent’s day-to-day operations are focused on generating real estate leads, and for this very reason, the classes or training sessions that are offered to agents shouldn’t be ignored. There will always be something new to learn.

2. Practice and Master The Listing Presentation

The effort and time taken to learn your listing presentation inside and out will give you the confidence you need to engage directly with your clients rather than present them with a scripted pitch of why they should hire you to sell their home.

When you can elaborate on the knowledge you have about the surrounding communities, you’ll build trust and reliability among your prospects which is what they need to feel confident enough to choose you as their listing agent.

3. Use Your Brokerage’s Marketing Software and Materials

Your brokerage should be your go-to when it’s time to create your marketing assets. Brokerages will often give their agents free access to printable materials or customizable digital files to then print and distribute, so they can work on generating real estate leads easily. Turning a piece of advertising into your own personally-branded marketing will help prospects, or even current clients, to quickly recognize you and associate you as the expert of the neighborhoods you most often list or sell homes in.

Try using a mix of both digital and traditional marketing and advertising to determine what your target demographics are most receptive to. What works for one neighborhood may not work for another.

Marketing Tip: Don’t rely on only one marketing channel to reach leads.

When your brokerage enables you to create important traditional and digital marketing and advertising pieces, you are empowered with the tools you need to be successful as your town’s trusted agent.

4. Share Your Insights on Homes You’ve Viewed

According to the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) 2016 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers annual report, 44% of homebuyers turn to the internet to research homes before even calling an agent (NAR, 2016). The survey goes on to state that of all homebuyers in 2016, 79% “found their real estate agent to be a very useful information source.” (NAR, 2016)

When an interested homebuyer views a home online, they will likely have many questions that photos and the standard property details won’t be able to answer, such as:

‘What is the neighborhood like?’

‘How far will I need to travel to the grocery store or to take my child to school?’

‘Does the backyard need any work?’

‘That closet doesn’t look very big- is it going to be an issue while using that room?

As an agent who has viewed the home personally, sharing your insights and knowledge about the home and neighborhood presents yourself as the real estate professional interested homebuyers should turn to.

When you can post your observations about the home on the web, displayed along with the listing and property details, you are creating an online presence that shows your diligence and intuitiveness about a potential buyer’s questions and needs.

As a result, while marketing yourself as an agent that pays attention to details, you are beginning the process of building trust between yourself and those prospects, ultimately creating your brand community.

Your online presence can reach far more prospects than it could when only sharing your local expertise during client showings and is a consistent approach to generating real estate leads. Buyers will notice your brand associated with home and neighborhood insights and choose to engage with you, increasing your sales year-over-year.

5. Personally Distribute Your Branded Marketing

Walking door-to-door to distribute your business cards or flyers is still a useful tactic for marketing.

Being present in a neighborhood doesn’t have to be time-consuming or uncomfortable. Chatting with neighbors of a home you are hosting an open house at or leaving your custom door hangers at the thresholds of homes in the surrounding blocks after a showing, are effortless ways to generate real estate leads.

As the neighborhood begins to recognize your brand, especially when they can connect you to the agent they see posting insights of homes online, they will associate you as a local expert and seek you out when it’s time for them to buy or sell a home.

When a family begins the process of buying a new home or selling the home they have lived in for years, it can be an anxious and overwhelming experience. What these potential clients need is an expert in the local market that has a familiarity and understanding of the neighborhoods- you!

todd_sumney_homesmart.pngTodd Sumney is the chief marketing officer for HomeSmart International. In his leadership role, Sumney is responsible for spearheading all of the company’s branding and marketing initiatives, including agent marketing and presentations.

National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. (2016, October 31). Retrieved July 31, 2017.