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Your Property Descriptions Suck - But They Don’t Have To!

Your Property Descriptions Suck - But They Don’t Have To!



You already know that building a strong inventory of listings will increase your presence and validity in your market and will position you to do more business. You probably also know that by doing so you’ll enjoy greater consistency in terms of production and income - and will be better able to manage expenses,activities, and your time.


Syndication, digital communication, and social media has significantly changed the way in which we present and promote homes for sale. Now more than ever you are expected to deliver a strong compelling message that prompts buyers to sit up and take notice. Are you truly marketing homes on behalf of your sellers, or merely listing them? What stories do you intend to tell? It starts with the home’s property description, and I continue to be stunned by the things I find online. Greater attention must be paid to this task, as it reflects on the property and ultimately on you as an agent.


I’ll apologize now if I’ve offended anyone with the title of this post. Perhaps you are the agent who pays great attention to the details, and crafts narratives (can we use this word instead of descriptions?) that whets the reader’s appetite. But if you’re the agent who struggles to tell a home’s story, you can certainly improve - and then dazzle other prospects with your work. Here’s some easy tips to get you started:


  • Avoid the obvious. Agents often complain that their MLS limits the number of characters they can use to describe their listings, so don’t waste space. Buyers are establishing criteria when they search online, so it’s not necessary to write “This 4BR, 2.5BA Colonial features a 2 car garage…”. They already know that. Use your words wisely!
  • The goal is to evoke feelings and excite the reader.  “Honey, stop the car!” is not compelling and only evokes memories of 1985; “This won’t last” has been so overused it won’t prompt a response. What do your sellers love about the home? What do you? Share this! What opportunities exist? Promote them! Stop making statements, start creating enthusiasm. See our free eGuide of the best words and phrases you can use to capture attention and attract early interest and offers.
  • Know what you’re selling and convey the benefits.  Be specific about features and you’ll paint a picture for buyers. Example: a deck constructed from  composite materials will last longer and means less maintenance than one made from wood. Don’t assume the buyer knows this. A patio is instantly elevated when you describe it as brick, stone, or decorative stamped concrete. Bamboo floors are more eco-friendly, more water resistant, and “newer” in the minds of the buyer. Exterior hardscaping and lighting is perceived as upscale while offering greater security. Niches, transom, arched, bow and bay windows, ceiling trim and custom moldings all provide architectural detail and say “elegant”. Don’t rely on photos - tell the story as well. Look for things to love and promote.
  • Provide solutions that can prompt action. Use the phrase “ask about...” to imply an incentive or solution that piques curiosity and makes the reader interested in learning more. A home they may have eliminated could be placed at the top of their list if you make it easier for them!
  • Enhance and expand your descriptions. You very likely have the ability to add more to your narratives at Zillow, Trulia, and (along with additional photos and video!) so do it! When you share your listings to social media, make a compelling statement about the property or the market that informs and educates. You’ll demonstrate your local market and inventory expertise in the process.
  • Leverage Relola! Our tool isn’t just for the homes you show, tour and preview, but also a fantastic way to provide additional information and exposure for your listings. Share your impressions. Expand upon the features. Describe the neighborhood and all it has to offer. Cast a vision for the opportunities that exist! Get started today right here.

A little more attention to your property descriptions (oops! NARRATIVES!) can see you standing out as an exceptional property marketer. Be sure download our free eguide to get you there! 

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Beth Incorvati is our Chief Blogger and Podcast Host at Radio Relola. She has been training, motivating, and inspiring real estate professionals for over fifteen years.