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Relola launches to boost data available to researchers by empowering the public to self report.

San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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Relola Case Study: Daniella Squicquero says Relola is the platform she would have built

Relola Case Study: Daniella Squicquero says Relola is the platform she would have built

Daniella Squicquero is an agent with Engel & Völkers in Hilton Head, South Carolina. When she started working in real estate in 2015, she was seeking something specific to give her an edge.

“As someone who sells real estate, it’s extremely important for me to know the truth of the property,” she said. And that means wanting to know more than just what the MLS tells everybody. She sees up to 20 listings a week, and knew that if she could share her thoughts and hear what other agents were seeing, it could only help her business.

“I was thinking of creating a platform where agents could share thoughts on the listings. But then I found Relola, and it was so well executed. I fell in love with it.”

For Daniella, the real value of the Relola app is two-fold:

  1. When you’re looking to learn more about a property, Relola is a supplement to the video, the photos, and the property web site.
  2. As an agent creating insights about properties, you get to show that you’ve been in the property, you understand it, and you notice the nuances.

She’s a bit of an evangelist. “I love telling people about Relola. It’s one of my favorite things.”


What really matters is that the platform empowers the real estate professional to demonstrate to the world that you are active and engaged, and that you know the inventory.

“Being able to show that you’re well-spoken and can write a sentence is important, too,” she laughed.


Daniella’s tips for using Relola


TIP 1: Be concise, but don’t be sterile. These are not YES/NO questions. Insight means you’re offering something that’s not in the base listings. Additional value -- that’s what you’re there to provide.


For example, in one listing Daniella took note when she found lighting settings that move from the dimly glowing "Romance" setting to full illumination.”


TIP 2: Be honest, but be helpful. Not every listing is perfect. You’ll probably see something you don’t like or find problems with an aspect of the property. So find the solution. It’s an opportunity to turn negatives into positives. Or you write to the listing agent and tell them directly. But you have to be honest.


Daniella shares her thoughts with insights such as this one: “Personally, I would scrape the ceilings, but it isn't necessary to bring this home into alignment with the community's expectations as far as finish level.”


TIP 3: Be creative and conversational. If you want to infuse it with some artistry, do that. It’s more enjoyable to read. Write as though you were sitting across the table from a buyer.

Daniella shares her vision for a property with insights such as “I would also take advantage of that beautiful sitting area in the back with a little fire pit and some plush outdoor furniture. Because of that great outdoor space, I might even reconfigure the little courtyard inside into an herb garden.”