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The Relola app is now free for all REALTORS.® (Seriously.)

The Relola app is now free for all REALTORS.® (Seriously.)

blog_relola592x323_relola_free.pngOn the morning of November 3, 2017, Relola CEO Heather Sittig Jackson stood on stage at the REALTORS Annual Conference & EXPO and gave her product away for free.

There was good reason.

Agents are increasingly required to be content producers to compete online and this has posed challenges due to the time and complexity to manage these efforts. The Relola service arms REALTORS® across the nation with an easy way to share the local, contextual information that their clients and prospective clients care about.

Relola helps real estate agents capture and share their insights and intelligence about all the local features in their community as well as listings they’re already viewing. As part of this program, insights will automatically post to a national NAR map on the corporate website and across their chosen social channels.

“I started Relola to give real estate agents a service that helps make their true voice heard,” said Heather Sittig Jackson, Relola co-founder and CEO. “The platform is designed to help agents leverage all their expertise in a context that is easy to create and easy to share. After we had the honor of being part of the NAR REach program, we thoroughly appreciate the validation that this deeper partnership brings to our goal.”

NAR CEO Bob Goldberg at the Relola booth at the Annual Conference and Expo"I see Relola not only as a fantastic tool for NAR members, but also as a means to showcase the activity of NAR executives and staff as we visit local boards and associations and interact with our members,” said NAR President Bob Goldberg. “We are looking forward to providing Relola to our members and the entire NAR team.”