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San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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Relola Took Stage at the Opening Ceremonies of NextRise 2019, a Global Innovation Event in Seoul

Relola Took Stage at the Opening Ceremonies of NextRise 2019, a Global Innovation Event in Seoul

image (43)Originally published by Korea's ETNEWS July 23, 2019. Pictured above, the main participants of the Global Start Up Fair Next Rise 2019 event in COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul in a commemorative photo. From left to right, Mr. Seung-sik Shin, CEO of Venture Business Association; Kim Young Soo, Vice President of Korea Venture Capital Association; Vice Chairman of Korea Venture Capital Association; Vice Chairman of Korea Venture Capital Association; CEO of Relola Heather Sittig


'NextRise 2019' Filled with Global Innovation and Cooperation

Global conglomerates, investors and start-ups gathered together for innovation and cooperation. 


The Korea Development Bank and Korea International Trade Association (KIM Young-joo) will hold 'Next Rise 2019, Seoul' (NextRise 2019, Seoul) for innovation growth and second venture boom at COEX on 23-24. 


The event started with the opening remarks of Dongguk Industrial Bank Chairman and Young Joo Kim, Chairman Park Young-sun, Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Venture Business, Chairman of Finance Committee of Dong-gu, and Chairman of the National Assembly Mr. Min Byung-doo.


"We hope that NeXT Rise will grow into an international platform that symbolizes Korea 's innovation growth like CES in the US and MWC in Spain," Lee said in his opening remarks. 


Kim Young-joo, chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, said, "The association has been connecting the Pocheon 500 global companies with promising startups in Korea." In the second half of the year, we plan to support start-up scaling up and globalization through various methods such as building COEX test beds and open innovation platforms. " Stressed. 


Next Rise is a 'start-up fair' with the Korea International Trade Association and the Korea Development Bank, with venture business associations, Korea Venture Capital Association, and National Science and Technology Research Council. It is actually the largest start-up event in Korea. 

Image 2 for blog article


Global start-up Fair NextRise 2019 SeouL to arrange business cooperation and investment consultation of venture start-ups held in COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. From left, Ming Byung-Doo, Chairman of the National Assembly, Choi Jong-koo, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and Lee Chang-keul of the Industrial Development Bank are investigating the industrial augmented reality (AR) navigation platform for the developer of software development. 


A large number of global conglomerates and venture capital firms participated in the project, which made business cooperation and investment promotion consultation possible on the spot. To this end, venture capital (VC) firms actively participated and collaborated with large corporations, as well as public institutions, associations and organizations responsible for innovation growth. 


In the start-up and one-on-one consultations, large domestic companies attracted attention. A total of about 20 companies including venture first-generation companies including Samsung, Hyundai Motor, SKT, LG, Lotte, POSCO, Hanwha, GS, KT, Soul, and KEPCO and Naver, NCsoft and Smile Gate participated.


Overseas conglomerates such as Amazon, Lenovo, BASF, and Alibaba Cloud and Magic Leap, one of America's unicorn companies, also start up in the field. Domestic VCs and investors from Japan, Singapore and Australia also conduct on-site consultations. 


The trade association and the Korea Development Bank (KDB) received preliminary acceptance of 900 meetings. In addition, about 200 venture start-ups, including on-the-spot consultation, are expected to provide about 2,000 business cooperation and investment promotion consultations. 


There are various programs linking domestic and foreign innovation ecosystems. Kim Dong-shin of Korea Startup Send Bird, who has invested more than $100 million in Silicon Valley in the United States, and Han Kim of Altus Ventures, which invests heavily in domestic unicorn companies, were keynote speakers. 


In addition, various programs such as national and corporate seminars and forums will help to establish start-up strategies for each country. The innovative ecosystem of more than 20 countries can be seen at a glance, starting with the recent emerging Southeast Asian countries. 


"We will strengthen start-up support for overseas start-ups so that the global market attracts attention through start-up, cooperation between global conglomerates and investors," Park Young-sun, the minister said. 


Following the congratulatory address, Finance Minister Choi Jae-gu said, "I look forward to the next round of the Korea Development Bank, which has established itself as a platform to connect Korean start-ups and investors, and that NeXT Rise will become a platform connecting start-ups and existing businesses." 


Kim Myung-hee reporter’s original story in Korean:


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