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24 Hours in the Capitol. Introducing New Tech to Help Candidates Get Elected.

Last week, as Sacramento’s population topped 500,000 and the city was acknowledged as the fastest growing in California, the energy wasn’t hard to find: our Uber driver was quick to point ou...
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How did you get started in Real Estate?

My first real job was as a leasing agent for a larger apartment complex in Phoenix. From there it was a natural transition into residential sales. When my children were young, I left the sales aspect of real estate to work as a real estate appraiser. I was a member of the Appraisal Institute, earning an SRA designation. I went back to doing what I loved the most, working with buyers and sellers, when my children entered high school.



What home features do you see trending in 2016?

In new developments, I am seeing more builders offering floor plans with a bedroom and full bath on the main level. Some of the floor plans have options for suites with a kitchenette off of the main home. There is a growing need for multi-generational housing. Here in San Diego with our great weather, I see more indoor/outdoor living space with the large panoramic doors. The kitchen and family room open to a large covered patio with built-in fireplace and barbecue area.



What’s your prediction for your market in 2016?

Inventory is very low here in San Diego. I think prices are going to continue to increase. First-time buyers need to get into the market before they are priced out. Prices always fluctuate a little, I do not see any significant downturn. However, I do think there is a great risk of buyers getting priced out of the local market.



What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen at an open house?

The coolest thing I saw at an open house was a big barbecue.



If you could bake cookies at an open house, what kind would you make?

Big chewy chocolate chip cookies.



Be sure to head to MaryAnn’s Reloladex page to see her listings and all of the Agent Insights she has written.


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