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Relola launches to boost data available to researchers by empowering the public to self report.

San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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Laura Pallin - Featured Agent

Laura Pallin - Featured Agent

Laura Pallin

Featured Agent: Laura Pallin of Climb Real Estate

Each Friday, we feature one agent who is making a difference in their market through their insight and commitment to giving back to their community. This week's Featured Agent is Laura Pallin of Climb Real Estate in San Francisco, CA.

How did you get started in Real Estate?

I got started in Real Estate by walking in the door of a tiny boutique firm called Hanna Realty in Portland, Or. There, Don Hanna JR took me under his wing and taught me everything from leasing commercial space to land sales to residential sales. 


What home features do you see trending in 2016?

Homes will continue to get smarter! Home automation is on the rise.


What's your prediction for your market in 2016?

I think things may slow down a bit, which is great for buyers. I think we'll still have a strong 2016.


What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen at an open house?

Just today I was at a second floor condo and I stopped to look out the window. I saw two furry creatures that seemed quite large across the way on a fire escape, and thought no it's not...The listing agent assured me yes, those were two raccoons. I am petrified of raccoons! What are they doing on someone's fire escape at 10AM, wide awake in the middle of the City of San Francisco no less!? ack. 


If you could bake cookies at an open house, what kind would you make?
I fee like I’m supposed to say bacon something but no. I think I would have to go banana chocolate chip bread. You could make ’em muffins for easier serving…

Be sure to head to Laura’s Reloladex page to see her listings and all of the Property Previews she has written.


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