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The Glass Ceiling is Cracking in Silicon Valley.

SUNNYVALE, CA  Aug 7, 2018 — Last week, more than 250 people gathered at Plug and Play Tech Center to hear female founders and female investors share success stories, and many left the venue...
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D'Ann Faught - Photo Uploads of the Day

D'Ann Faught - Photo Uploads of the Day

D'Ann Faught Photo Uploads of the Day

Congratulations to D'Ann Faught for uploading the best photo with her Expert Insight! D'Ann completed an Expert Insight and added photos for 5506 Worth Street in Dallas, TX.


Yesterday's Inspirational word was AIRY. D'Ann improved this listing by adding details in an Expert Insight and adding photos that help homebuyers get an even better idea of what the home is like (especially the backyard)!


Check out D'Ann's Expert Insight and see the other photos she uploaded here.

To learn more about the September Photo Challenge, see our blog post.


Stay tuned to see more of our favorite photo uploads from Relola agents!

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