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Relola launches to boost data available to researchers by empowering the public to self report.

San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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3 Things Agents Can Do to Finish 2016 Strong and Make 2017 Remarkable

3 Things Agents Can Do to Finish 2016 Strong and Make 2017 Remarkable



The holiday season is upon us and our focus can easily shift to thoughts of parties, food, and travel; many agents wind down (even shut down!) their businesses during this time, buying into their own limiting beliefs. Do you think there's little business to be had now? That buyers want to wait and sellers don't want to be disrupted with showings? This isn't always the case! It may surprise you to learn that many agents report they close a significant amount of business the last quarter of the year, particularly in December. Remain committed to lead generation, expand your sphere, and build upon your skill set. Little in your pipeline? Here's 3 things you can do this holiday season that will help you finish strong and make the year ahead truly remarkable: 

1. Forget about the Golden Rule! Many of us have been raised on the idea of "Do Unto Others" with the intention of treating others the way we want to be treated. But what if they want to be treated differently? It's time to make a shift in your mindset and commit to the Platinum Rule instead. Very simply put, treat people the way they want to be treated. If you want to create comfort and insure loyalty you need to consult with your prospects and client fully, pay attention to their tone and body language, and ask great questions ("how do you prefer I communicate with you?" "how frequently do you expect to hear form the agent you decide to list with?"). You must truly listen, acknowledge, and affirm.
Become a student of behavioral styles and mirror what the people in front of you demonstrate. For example, you're a high driver who prefers to text. The client is a highly social talker who wants to hear your voice. Solution? Call them - but establish boundaries. "I only have a minute but wanted to let you know that..." In addition, explain to them that in order for you to be highly responsive or to provide details there will be times when a text or email will be necessary. It's all about establishing and meeting expectations. 
2. Sharpen your Saw! Perhaps your 2017 business plan includes building a firmer foundation for your practice, implementing a new lead source, or expanding your online presence. Have you identified a system, idea, or platform you need to learn more about? Why wait until January 1 to initiate your course of action when you can get started today? By December 31st you can craft your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and build your brand, extend beyond Facebook and learn how to market your business via LinkedIn, even earn your SRES designation and commit to a niche. The result? You'll enter 2017 feeling like a rock star and the competency and confidence you've gained will translate into greater opportunity. 
3. Commit to Establishing and Promoting Your Local Market Expertise. Is there anything more important? No. We'll say it again - NO. Buyers and sellers trust real estate agents to help them make million dollar decisions. Whether you're a Rookie or a seasoned Top Producer, you are called upon to provide an exceptional level of knowledge, advocacy, and care. If you can consistently demonstrate your local market expertise, you'll become better known, valid, and trusted as a professional and you'll attract those who will have immediate comfort and confidence in your ability to help them achieve their goals. 
How do you do this? First, leverage what you are likely doing already. Savvy agents commit to showing, touring, and previewing property each week, and the knowledge they glean is enormously valuable - yet infrequently shared. Relola's free tool for agents gives you a way to immediately share your insights, boost them through your social channels, and attract house hunters and homeowners alike. Imagine the impact it has on a potential seller when you say "I've seen every home listed in your neighborhood this year and here's what I've learned...". Or to a buyer "Because your must-have list includes energy efficient systems and a close proximity to public transportation, I've done the leg work and have found these homes for us to tour...". It's impressive, and you can get started today by going here. Challenge yourself to getting into 20 homes before the end of the year, and publish those insights! Time block in your schedule to attend public and broker opens and preview vacant listings, in addition to what you might show current buyers. Publish insights for your current listings, too! You'll expand your digital footprint and create dynamic content for your website and social media profile; this is the stuff search engines love.

Second, commit to the study of market data. Agents are also the local economists, so it's important that you spend time each day studying trends, key market indicators, forecast models, and rate reports. How? Harness the power of your MLS, become proficient in your understanding and use of Realtors Property Resource, and subscribe to informative blogs like the one found at Keeping Current Matters. If you do, you'll never stumble when asked "how's the market?" - in fact, you'll respond with authority and as the trusted advisor.


There you have it. These 3 ideas can improve your mindset, increase your skill set, and promote your expertise. What are you waiting for? There's no better time, so start today!  


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