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Relola launches to boost data available to researchers by empowering the public to self report.

San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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The Kleinpell Team loves to love on local

The Kleinpell Team loves to love on local


The duo combines new agent freshness with veteran agent chops to share hyper-local content.

Gianna Kleinpell will be newly licensed as a real estate agent in January 2018, but don’t think that makes her timid. She’s fully prepared to take the industry head-on, which means working side by side with a veteran agent.

Did we mention the veteran also happens to be her husband?

“I’ve worked with surgeons for 20 years,” she said. “I can handle this!”

It’s that can-do attitude and experience with protocol and systems that makes Gianna the ultimate partner for Darin Kleinpell of Realty World First Choice in Brea, California -- both professionally and personally. With over two decades of real estate business under his belt, Darin knows his strengths and his weaknesses. And having Gianna take over the logistics of a very transaction-heavy enterprise is a true gift.

Darin’s own passion for the business was reignited during the Tom Ferry Success Summit in August 2017. There, among many other learnings, Darin realized the true scope of his work as a local real estate expert.

Tom emphasized that agents should get out and about, becoming more involved with other small business owners and creating content. Darin and Gianna have taken that idea and run with it.

“We like to eat out a lot, and we love to promote things,” he said. “It’s a great way to branch out and connect with different service providers.”

To do that, Darin and Gianna use Relola. When they visit a restaurant, a gym or even a flooring company, they use their Relola app to add that venue to their local activity map, along with their quick Insight about the business. That Insight is broadcast to their sphere via their social networks, and captured on a dynamic activity map on their Facebook business page and web site.


They also use Relola to create content about listings they tour. Combined with the neighborhood features, it helps them paint a complete picture of their expertise in the areas they serve.

And they don’t just serve one area. “I have listings and sales all over the place,” said Darin. “I’ve got 59 miles between current listings. But I know all the areas in between, including local establishments and local properties on the market. Relola allows me to keep my model and expand, all the while we can be hyper-local experts.”

It all goes back to Tom Ferry. Even further back than this summer’s Summit event.

“When I started in real estate, we worked with Tom’s dad Mike Ferry,” Darin said. “Mike wasn’t big on local farming. Because we could phone anyone, we worked everywhere. That’s why we’re spread out today.”

Times have changed in so many ways, as Darin described to Gianna. Not only is hyper-local a key factor, so is hyper-responsiveness. “Everything is right now,” Darin laughed. “It’s a little ADD! You used to hit me on my pager and add 911 to the end of it to let me know it’s urgent. I’d get back to you by the end of the day. Now, if you text me and I don’t respond in 90 seconds, I’m too slow.”

For Gianna, the always-on aspect of real estate isn’t an obstacle. Like her past career in healthcare, she is at home helping people in a high stakes environment.

“I get to help people realize their dream!” she exclaimed. “It’s so fun and heartwarming. You go on the journey with them, and then you see them fall in love.”

Being at the Tom Ferry Summit and learning about being of value was inspiration to both Darin and Gianna. “We want to provide a wonderful service and make it a wonderful experience,” she said. “I’m excited to enter this world.”