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San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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Meet the Unicorns: Martin Morzynski from HouseCanary

Meet the Unicorns: Martin Morzynski from HouseCanary

Relola Meet the Unicorns blog with MartinMorzynski from HouseCanaryWhat’s happens when you get two career marketers together? Well, if those marketers are Molly McKinley and Martin Morzynski, you get some serious, benefit-driven conversation about helping Realtors be better, smarter, faster.

And that’s what you’ll hear in this episode of #MeetTheUnicorns!

So first, let’s meet HouseCanary.

“House Canary has been in the business of helping banks and investors figure out how much homes are worth and where their value is going in the future,” said Martin. “So think about predicting where San Francisco or Chicago or even Kansas City are going in the future. We help people figure out the future of home prices.”

This is gold to marketers. Taking something complicated and making it simple. Martin and Relola CEO Heather Sittig actually challenged themselves to capture their companies’ message on a napkin.

But over the course of the conference, Martin started re-thinking that napkin.

“It has a lot to do with bringing visibility to the value of a home and the context of the lifestyle it creates, of the value it has in the buyer's heart.”

All those factors that make a property into a home? As Martin says, that's not something you can pin down with a number.

“If you can let someone know that the value of what they're buying is also a fair value, the neighborhood's likely to appreciate in the future,” Martin said. “But that makes me feel a lot better about the investment I'm making for my family, right?  So it's sitting down for that dinner, it's playing in the backyard, but hey I'm also putting my money in the right place and I know that I'm doing the right thing for my family.

“Ultimately, the value that an agent brings is knowledge of the neighborhood, knowing everything about why this home is the right home for this particular couple versus, versus the other home.”

As Martin pointed out, the percentage of homes sold by Realtors continues to actually go up as opposed to going down. Why is that?

Because it's a busy world out there. Buyers are looking for something special, but can't always find that online. They need someone to guide them to it, and that's really ultimately the role of the Realtor. 

And Realtors need to communicate their brand -- their value -- to those buyers with a strong, singular voice. 

“And finding ways every day of telling that story in different ways, but staying true to course,” Martin added. “We're all here for a reason, and I think Realtors know ultimately that they're to help people find great homes. But everyone has their own niche, has their way of telling a story. ”

That story is often found in the local knowledge each Realtor has about his or her own real estate market. That local knowledge often goes unnoticed, or isn’t showcases as highly as transactional experience. But that’s a mistake.

“I'm gonna get back to Relola on this one,” Martin shared. “There is so much wealth right now in not just the home but the neighborhood it sits in, all the amenities and the ability to walk to coffee and the ability to walk, you know, hop on your bike and go somewhere or be close to wherever you need to be close to. All of that is really as important as a home, because people are buying a lifestyle and not just a home.” 

For Martin, the best part of the real estate industry is the people. It’s a people business first and last.

“Most of us love being around people, and I think there's no other business like real estate that is as much of a people's business.” 

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Meet the Unicorns is a video series where Relola sat down with unique thought leaders from all over the world of real estate during the National Association of Realtors Annual Conference & Expo. They really are one-of-a-kind, and it's our job to celebrate that!