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Relola launches to boost data available to researchers by empowering the public to self report.

San Francisco, March 2, 2020 - In reaction to the Coronavirus emergency, data sharing and mapping provider Relola announced today that it is making its QuantaStat platform available for free...
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Attract, Engage, and Keep ‘Em Coming Back for More: What Agents Should be Sharing on Their Facebook Business Pages

Attract, Engage, and Keep ‘Em Coming Back for More: What Agents Should be Sharing on Their Facebook Business Pages



Are you an agent who recognizes that having a business Facebook page is important, but you’re struggling to attract more visitors and get them to engage with you? Maybe not sure what to post, or when? You’re not alone! Many feel like you do and are overwhelmed by the thought of managing what they perceive to be difficult. Breathe deep - it’s easier than you think! Start by understanding the purpose of your page - to inform, educate, and promote action - and then develop clarity around your content. Here are 7 things you can post that will attract, engage, and be perceived as valuable.

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1. Your Listings - The way in which your promote and market your listings shows people how you work. While it’s easy to rely upon MLS syndication, it’s imperative that you take a proactive stance, too. Introduce and update your listings via your social channels, take the opportunity to provide additional information, and boost them to expand your reach. “Coming Soon”, “Just Listed”, “Open This Weekend”, “Price Reduction” - each provides a reason to remind people of your offerings, increases your validity within your marketplace, and allows you to reach your next client. Add additional photos, include video, and again - don’t forget to boost your posts to extend your reach.


2. Your Insights - Agents who commit to being the Local Market Expert make it a standard of their practice to preview, tour, and show several homes throughout the course of each month. This information you glean - these opinions and insights you have - is valuable and should be shared! When you do, you’ll demonstrate your knowledge of the local market inventory and develop greater confidence around pricing and trends. Relola is a tool that makes this easy, providing a platform that allows you to easily share your impressions and expand your digital footprint, too. You can learn more and sign up for your free account here.


3. Market Data - Are there fewer homes available in your market this year compared to last? Have the days on market decreased? Median prices on the rise? If you’re the Local Market Expert you can answer these questions without hesitation. Most MLS providers offer consumer data that can be shared; you can obtain additional information and research reports at and other real estate news sites. Use visuals  - like infographics - whenever possible. This creates more interest and attention. Be sure to include a call to action: offer a CMA or a complimentary buyer consultation at every posting.


4. Endorsements and Recommendations of Others - Did a favorite local contractor save the day? Did a loan officer go above and beyond? Sing their praises! Post about your experience with them, add a link to their website, include a photo or a short video. You’ll be seen as the go-to resource when people need service providers; you’ll strengthen bonds, provide additional opportunity for others, and be remembered for it.


5. Personal Testimonials and Recommendations - The best way to promote yourself is to let others do it for you! Posting what others have to say about your professionalism, results, and service reinforces a prospect’s decision to choose you, and they’ll come to you with a certain level of comfort already in place. The written word is great - but pictures and videos are even better. Make it a point to request these when they are most excited - likely at settlement - and don’t forget to ask for referrals!


6. Community News and Events - Local Market Expertise extends beyond data and statistics. People will respond to your enthusiasm and promotion of community events and organizations, so be a cheerleader! Show support for the farmer’s market, the community concert series, blood drive, etc. Post on Thursdays so people can get these things on their calendars for the weekend and week ahead.


7. Homeowner Tips and Noteworthy Trends - There are hundreds of blogs and sites out there just dying for you to share their articles and inspiration. Find a few sources that resonate with you and post once a week. Seasonal maintenance, renovation ideas, home decor, even recipes will be well received - just don’t forget to offer your quick commentary or call to action when you post. “It’s time to get those gutters cleaned and windows washed - and yes, I’ve got a guy! Call or text me and I’ll get you connected!” Once again, you’ll reinforce the idea that you’re the local resource and you’ll remain Top of Mind.

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If you follow the suggestions above you'll have plenty of great content to post on your business Facebook page, and you're certain to see more interest and engagement. Any comments to add? We'd love to hear from you!